Awards & Honors Committee

The Awards and Honors Committee comprises two subcommittees:

  1. The Awards Subcommittee is charged with the review and selection of applicants for the Research Fellow Awards (RFS) and the Clinical Scholar Awards (CSA). This subcommittee consists of the current President, President-Elect, the past 5 Presidents, and the Chair of the Research Affairs Committee (or a designee).
  2. The Honors and Lectures Subcommittee is charged with the nomination, review, and selection of appropriate individuals for various lectures and awards other than RFAs and CSAs available to Society members. This subcommittee consists of the current President, President-Elect, the past 5 Presidents, the Chair of the History Committee, and other PES members appointed by the President.

The Immediate Past President of the Society will serve as Chair of the overall Awards and Honors Committee and Chair of the Awards Subcommittee. The Chair of the Honors and Lectures Subcommittee will be appointed by the President.

  • Mary Min-chin Lee
  • Walter L. Miller Chair
  • Sharon E. Oberfield BOD Liaison
  • Sally Radovick
  • Alan D. Rogol
  • Ron G. Rosenfeld
  • Stephen M. Rosenthal
  • Philip Scott Zeitler
  • Mitch Geffner
  • Erica Eugster
  • Craig Alter

Drugs & Therapeutics Committee

Charged with keeping the Society informed on topics about both new and existing drugs and devices. To review problems related to the therapeutics of Pediatric Endocrine disorders and report to the Board of Directors and the greater membership of PES.

  • Dania Al-Hamad
  • Ambika Ashraf
  • Tandy Aye BOD Liaison
  • Emily Breidbart
  • Preneet Cheema Brar
  • Evgenia (Jenny) Gourgari
  • Anshu Gupta
  • Manmohan Kamboj
  • Aditi Khokhar
  • Brenda Kohn
  • Sowmya Krishnan
  • Amit Lahoti
  • Marissa Lightborne
  • Daniel Mak
  • Seth Marks
  • Kristal Matlock
  • Shilpa Mehta
  • Ryan Miller Chair
  • Laura Page
  • Neha Patel
  • Manish Raisingani
  • Vandana Raman
  • Molly Regelmann
  • Anna Ryabets-Lienhard Chair
  • Takara Stanley
  • Christine Yu

New Meds and Tech from the PES Drugs and Therapeutics committee: Dexcom G7

March 3, 2023

Dexcom G7   In December 2022, the Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitor system was cleared by the FDA for use in people age 2 and older with all diabetes mellitus…

New Drugs and Therapeutics Update: Wegovy®

March 3, 2023

Wegovy® (semaglutide) once weekly injection is a glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist (GLP1-RA) approved by the FDA in June, 2021 for weight management in adults. Wegovy was approved in December,…

Brief updates from PES D&T Committee

March 3, 2023

Difficulty filling prescriptions for diazoxide have been reported intermittently. Teva Pharmaceuticals reports that Proglycem® Oral Suspension 50 mg/mL 30 mL (NDC 00575-6200-30) is currently available. Providers may need to direct…

Education Committee

Charged with the conception, organization, and execution of educational opportunities including Board Review courses, Clinical Updates, Spring Fellows’ Retreats, and other educational materials for patients/families, practitioners, pediatric fellows, pediatric residents, and medical students. The Education Committee will liaise with the Diabetes SIG and the Transgender SIG.

  • Natalie Allen 
  • Alaa Alnofal
  • Bethany Auble
  • Ghufran Babar
  • Hayley Baines
  • Kanthi Bangalore Krishna
  • Jennifer Barker
  • Robert Benjamin
  • Kathleen Bethin co-Chair
  • Katerina Constantacos
  • Marco Danon
  • Sean Delacey
  • Dianne Deplewski
  • Sara DiVall
  • Oscar Escobar
  • Doris Fadoju
  • Kristin Favela
  • Christy Foster
  • Adda Grimberg
  • Ellen Grishman
  • Anshu Gupta
  • Nidhi Gupta
  • Jee-Young Ham
  • Mark Hamaker
  • David Hansen
  • Alyssa Huang
  • Janel Darcy Hunter
  • Hannah Jelley
  • Manmohan Kamboj 
  • Alex Karmazin
  • Marissa Kilberg
  • Michelle Knoll
  • Seema Kumar
  • Amy Levenson 
  • Kevin Lucien
  • Ashwini Mallappa
  • Shana McCormack
  • Shelly Mercer 
  • Jonathan Meyer
  • Todd Nebesio Chair
  • Sharon Oberfield BOD Liaison
  • Kathryn Obrynba
  • Katie O'Sullivan
  • Pedro Pagan Banchs
  • Paola Palma Sisto
  • Catherina Pinnaro
  • Amira Ramadan
  • Vana Raman
  • Sonalee Ravi
  • Alissa Roberts
  • Liz Rosolowsky 
  • Mostafa Salama
  • Mohamed Saleh
  • Kiki Sarafoglu
  • Jessica Schmitt
  • Swathi Sethuram
  • Stephanie Sisley
  • Jennifer Sprague
  • Kathleen Timme
  • Ahmed Torky
  • Lisa Topor 
  • Alexander Tuttle
  • Serife Uysal 
  • Marcela Vargas
  • Patricia Vuguin
  • Selma Witchel
  • Lauren Wood Heickman

History Committee

To collect, validate, collate and archive information, documents, photographic and graphic materials relevant to the history of PES and to make such materials available to the members and to generate periodically publications relevant to the history of PES and its members.

  • John S. Fuqua BOD Liaison
  • John L. Fowlkes
  • Evan Graber
  • Alan D. Rogol Chair
  • Arlan L. Rosenbloom

International Relations Committee

Charged with the development of international collaboration and interaction of PES with other societies/organizations to globally benefit children with endocrine conditions—with special focus on collaborations that may help to improve care in resource-constrained environments.

  • Craig Alter BOD Liaison
  • Charumathi Baskaran
  • Luisa Gonzalez
  • Evangelia Kalaitzoglou
  • Sando Ojukwu
  • Jadranka Popovic Chair
  • Sripriya Raman
  • Yun Yan
  • Y. Miles Yu

Membership Committee

Charged with accepting and reviewing all applications for membership to the Society. A recent strategic objective of this committee is to encourage and increase fellow involvement in the Society.


  • Christine Burt Solorzano
  • Dennis Chia
  • Rebeca Esquivel-Zuniga
  • Erica Eugster BOD Liaison
  • Andrew H. Lane
  • Joshua May
  • Sarah Sparks
  • Lindsey Waldman Chair

MOC and QI Committee

Charged with overseeing the quality improvement activities of PES and facilitating mechanisms for MOC credit to allow PES members to achieve recertification by the American Board of Pediatrics in Pediatric Endocrinology.

  • Shipra Bansal
  • Bruce A. Boston
  • Christine Cherella
  • Daina Dreimane
  • Morey W. Haymond
  • Justin A. Indyk Chair
  • Ajanta Naidu
  • Sarah Reynolds
  • Erinn Rhodes Advisor
  • Sejal Shah
  • Joshua Smith
  • Rona Sonabend
  • Shoshana Tell
  • Selma Witchel BOD Liaison
  • Mary Ellen Vajravelu
  • Surendra K. Varma
  • Patricia Myriam Vuguin
  • Sarah Corathers
  • Jessica Schmitt
  • Sobenna George
  • Carrie Schulmeister

Nominating Committee

Charged with coordinating, reviewing, and arranging ballots for election of new members to the PES Board of Directors.

  • Kanthi Bangalore Krishna
  • Sheela N. Magge Chair
  • Todd Nebesio
  • Madhusmita Misra
  • Sharon E. Oberfield BOD Liaison

Practice Management Committee

Charged with providing members of PES with tools and information to facilitate the practice of pediatric endocrinology. The focus is to promote multidisciplinary practice models, develop educational materials for Endocrinology providers, develop CME curricula, and develop position statements on key issues in pediatric endocrinology.  If you have ideas for future topics you’d like to see the PMC address, please click here.

  • Soumya Adhikari Co-Chair
  • Rushika Conroy
  • Marcie Drury Brown Co-Chair
  • Ambika Ashraf
  • Samuel Freedman
  • Monica Grover
  • Ines Guttmann-Bauman
  • Sunil Nayak
  • Jon Oden
  • Kent Reifschneider
  • Ksenia Tonyushkina
  • David Sparling
  • Priyanka Bakhtiani
  • Laurie Cohen BOD Liaison

Practice Management Committee Pearls

October 23, 2020

The Practice Management Committee is tasked with the responsibility of providing strategies, tools and information needed to facilitate the office management and practice of pediatric endocrinology.  To this end, we…

Program Committee

Charged with organizing the scientific program of the now freestanding annual meeting of PES. Additional tasks include participation in abstract review, organization of Scientific Symposia, Meet-the-Professor sessions, Plenaries, Clinical Practice Sessions, the Year-in-Review program, and Satellite Symposia, along with selecting the Leona Cutler and Human Growth Foundation Best Poster Awards.

  • Ambika Ashraf Advisor
  • Andy Bauer
  • Andrew Dauber
  • Shanlee Davis
  • Rachel Gafni
  • Minu George
  • Anshu Gupta
  • Roopa Kanakatti Shankar
  • Alex Karmazin
  • Maya Lodish
  • Shana McCormack
  • Madhu Misra
  • Leena Nahata Co-chair
  • Molly Regelmann
  • Takara Stanley Co-chair
  • Selma Witchel BOD Liaison
  • Jenise Wong

Public Policy Committee

Charged with identification of political and policy issues that impact the care of children with pediatric endocrine conditions and the licensure of competent pediatric endocrinologists. To develop a rapid response team to deal with critical political and policy issues that affect children with pediatric endocrine and metabolic conditions. Also assist other councils and committees with policy issues should they arise.

  • Elaine Apperson
  • Cassandra Brady
  • Melanie Cree-Green
  • Swati Elchuri Chair
  • Laurie E. Cohen BOD Liaison
  • Tamara S. Hannon Chair
  • Shuai Hao
  • Bonnie McCann-Crosby
  • Sudha Mootha
  • Susan Phillips
  • Henry Rodriguez
  • Swathi Sethuram
  • Rachel Whooten

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is charged to provide oversight into the society’s journal, Hormone Research in Paediatrics (HRP), which includes nominations for associate editors and editorial board members, assessing data related to the number of publications submitted by and accepted from PES members, and identification of key papers from HRP (and other journals) that will have an impact on the practice of pediatric endocrinology to share on the PES website on a quarterly basis.

  • Erica Eugster BOD Liaison
  • Mitchell Geffner
  • Colin Hawkes Chair
  • Nina Ma
  • Sharon E. Oberfield
  • Paul Saenger
  • Dorothy Shulman

Research Affairs Committee

Charged with facilitating the research endeavors of PES members and prioritizing the research goals of PES. This council will formulate policies for research grant support, develop national/regional research advisor programs, and establish collaborative relationships with international pediatric research groups.

  • Yee-Ming Chan
  • Shanlee Davis
  • John L. Fowlkes
  • Rose A. Gubitosi-Klug
  • Katherine Kutney
  • Karla Leavens
  • Shana McCormack
  • Ram K. Menon
  • Tom Carpenter BOD Liaison
  • Steven Mittelman Chair
  • Radhika Muzumdar
  • Leena Nahata
  • Kankadurga Singer
  • Shylaja Srinivasan
  • Jenise Wong
  • Apoorva Ravindranath Waikar
  • Jeanie B. Tryggestad

Training Committee

Charged with providing information on regulatory issues that impact the training and certification of fellows. This council will work with other committees to develop a research advisor program, develop milestones, increase fellow participation in PES, organize educational activities, and improve communication.

  • Beth Auble
  • Reema Lynn Habiby CHAIR
  • Amy Levenson
  • Ioanna Athanassaki
  • Vanessa Curtis
  • Patricia Vuguin
  • Jennifer Barker
  • Sowmya Krishnan
  • Bethany Auble
  • Lisa Swartz Topor
  • Katherine Hwu
  • Lisa Madison
  • Dennis Chia
  • Himala Kasmiri
  • Mary Lauren Scott
  • Aikaterini (Katerina) Nella
  • Vandana (Vana) Raman
  • Claudia Boucher-Berry

Website Committee

The Website Committee is charged to review website function and utilization, to coordinate with SIGs and other committees regarding sharing of content and updates to appear on the website, and to optimize use of multiple social media platforms for societal communication.

  • Priyanka Bakhtiani
  • Andrew J. Bauer
  • Scott Clements
  • Katerina Constantacos Chair
  • Jack Fuqua BOD Liaison
  • Nidhi Gupta
  • Minu M. George
  • Manish Raisingani
  • Apoorva Ravindranath Waikar
  • Heather Wadams