The Spring Retreat targets Pediatric Endocrine Society (PES) members in their first or second year of Pediatric Endocrinology fellowship training. The Retreat is held annually in association with the PES annual meeting.  The 2022 Retreat will take place May 1-3, 2022 in Chicago, IL, following the PES annual meeting. The goals of the Spring Retreat are to develop and practice critical thinking skills in clinical Pediatric Endocrinology, learn about different career trajectories within the field, and network with other fellows and faculty. Fellows will prepare and present cases to an audience of peers and faculty.

The two-day Retreat has approximately 12 hours of programming. Programming includes the interactive case discussions prepared and presented by fellows with mentorship from assigned faculty; social events for networking and informal discussion; and didactic lectures by nationally known experts. Topics may include areas of special interest and controversy within Pediatric Endocrinology. To share the educational content of the Retreat with a broader fellow audience, the sessions will be recorded (with permission from the presenter) and posted on the PES website for view by PES members only. PES provides room and board at the Sheraton Grand Hotel for participants during the Retreat.

Applicants must be a current pediatric endocrinology fellow and PES In-Training member in good standing (dues paid through 2022) to be eligible. PES membership should be activated or renewed BEFORE November 15, 2021 in time to meet the Fellows Retreat application deadline. There are 24 available spots. If more applications are received than available positions, the Fellows’ Retreat Committee will consider number of applicants per program, year of training, and geographic diversity in selecting applicants.

PES Membership Deadline: November 15, 2021

Fellows’ Retreat Application deadline: December 3, 2021

Click here for Application information for the 2022 Spring Fellows Retreat Pediatric Endocrine Society (