Welcome to PES Connects!

As the Society committed to a website redesign, we asked the PES membership what they valued most about PES, and the overwhelming response was “the opportunity to network with peers and have access to experts in the field.” We are happy to introduce and launch the PES Connects platform to enhance membership engagement and take communication to the next level!

The diverse needs of our membership continue to grow and we wanted to implement the use of a tool to make membership interaction as easy as logging on to the PES website. This platform allows you to customize your member experience by allowing you to pick and choose the content and conversations you wish to access.

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What is PES Connects and Why Should I Subscribe?

PES Connects is an easy to use site with the ability to network with fellow PES members and receive the latest news all in one place. The membership has been asking for a voice and a platform with powerful social networking, discussion, and information-sharing tools, and this tool delivers.

This online community platform offers a more robust version of a traditional discussion board.

This platform:

  • Allows members to ask questions to fellow peers across the profession year-round without geographic restrictions, giving members the ability to be a vital resource to others by responding to their questions to help strengthen the pediatric endocrine community.
  • Provides enhanced communication across the specialty.
  • Offers a place to neatly house articles, and meeting presentations and make searching for these resources easy and immediate.
  • Provides topic-based communities for members to participate in subjects that are important to you.
  • Allows for easy, quick searches for members in the database, making connections with new colleagues and old friends a snap.

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