The PES considers collaborative relationships with industry to be valuable to the mission of the Society, and is committed to manage these relationships responsibly and ethically. The PES is also pledged to leadership of the Society and its activities that is objective and unencumbered by conflicts of interest (COI). To manage potential COI in a consistent and ethical manner, PES has adopted these guidelines for PES-industry relations and potential individual COI with regard to financial support of the Society, its activities and products, and its leadership.

General principles to govern these relationships:

  • Corporate donations are acceptable and important to maintain the activities, mission, and value of PES to its members.
  • In solicitation and management of these donations, PES will maintain independence and minimize COI to the fullest extent feasible, so that its leaders and products unequivocally represent the best interests of children and the Society.
  • To that end, PES pledges full disclosure, evaluation, and management of potential COI for support of the Society and its activities and for individuals involved with Society leadership.

Guidelines for industry-funded PES-sponsored awards, research, education, and other activities:

  • Support sought and accepted from industry donors, but also through philanthropy, Society dues, and other sources
  • Funds from industry donors combined into a common fund whenever possible
  • Acknowledgement of industry donor
    • Preferred – one of a group of industry sponsors
    • Alternative – “PES award/activity” sponsored by donor
  • PES maintains complete independence in selection of recipient/specific research topics/education content and speakers
  • PES maintains sole responsibility for coordinating application process and communication with PES membership
  • Awarded funds are not tied in any way to attendance at events other than PES-sponsored meeting and social functions
  • Advertising of award/research/education activity/other by industry not permitted, but support of donors is acknowledged in research reports, course syllabi, etc.
  • PES ensures that sponsored programs are non-promotional, free of bias, and meet CME scrutiny and approval
  • PES, nor PES Officers or Directors, are not involved in promotion, organization, or presentation of satellite meetings (CME or non-CME) that are organized and supported by industry

September 10, 2012