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Pediatric Endocrine Society

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Research Fellowship Awards

Dates of 2019 Awards: July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Applications NOW OPEN.

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DEADLINE: December 3, 2019 at 5:00pm eastern



To support the final year of research training in a pediatric endocrinology fellowship for highly qualified individuals preparing for a career in academic pediatric endocrinology. Both clinical and basic research projects are eligible.

Qualifications of candidate

Fellows who are PES members in good standing and who are in an approved training program in Pediatric Endocrinology are eligible for the Research Fellowship Award. U.S. citizenship or green card status is NOT required. Those with career plans in North America are favored.

A candidate may apply for support if he or she:

  1. Has either an MD or DO degree.
  2. Will be in his or her third or fourth year of fellowship and will not have a faculty appointment at the time of the award (institutional documentation required for any fourth-year fellows indicating that he or she will not concomitantly be holding a junior faculty position at the time of the award).

Note that multiple applications from one institution may be submitted, but only one application may be funded from a single institution.

Awardees will be expected to submit his or her research findings for presentation at the national PES meeting at the conclusion of the granting period. PES will also request that awardees acknowledge PES funding in all manuscripts generated as a result work supported by grant funds from PES as well as provide copies of such manuscripts and information concerning future academic appointments and subsequent grant awards for 5 years following completion of the PES award.


Two letters of support are required and should be submitted with the application. One must be from the Training Program Director (Sponsor) and the other from the Research Mentor (individual supervising the research project) who is an established investigator with a record of extramural research support. If one individual plays both roles, the second letter should be from the Head of the applicant's Scholarship Oversight Committee (Co-Sponsor) or the Chief of the Division. The Research Mentor must verify funding availability for support of the research project.

Amount of Award

This is a one-year stipend to cover the salary of the Fellow (not including fringe benefits). The award is for up to $50,000. The exact amount of funding for each review cycle will be determined by the Awards Committee depending on the amount of available funds (including corporate sponsorship) available at the time of the review of the application. Awardees are requested to notify the committee of any delays in the progress of his or her proposal. For funds that are not used during the term of the grant award, a one-time only request for a no-cost extension (NCE) can be made to the Awards Committee and PES Board of Directors, and, if approved, a 1-year NCE will be granted. Salaries must be supplemented by departmental funds to meet appropriate fellowship stipends (if applicable). No funds may be held for indirect or overhead expenses by the institutions. If a candidate holds or is applying for any other grant proposing related studies to those in the RFA, PES requests that a copy of the specific aims, hypotheses, and budgets of the other grant(s) be included in the RFA application so that reviewers can assess the degree of potential overlap.

General Instructions for Application

Applications are submitted on-line through the PES website. An applicant must be a member of PES (dues paid for this current year) in order to be able to access the application. Applicants will then be directed to register. This will allow initiation of the application process and enable returning to finish different sections at a later time using the registration log-in.

The Career Training and Research sections (parts 3 and 4 under the Applicant Section) must be limited to no more than seven pages in Arial 11-point or comparable font. An application not compliant with these guidelines or received after the due date will be returned to the applicant and not reviewed. Applications must contain a Training Plan as well as a Research Plan. The Research Plan must describe how the proposed training will serve as a suitable vehicle for the applicant to reach his or her overall career goals and for acquiring the skills, theories, conceptual approaches, and methodologies necessary to become an independent researcher. Note that no formal Budget sheet is required because all funds are automatically applied to salary.

General Scoring of Applications

Applications will be reviewed by the PES Awards Committee, as well as by expert external reviewers. Reviewers will use the NIH grant application 9-point scale scoring system for the Overall Impact Score and Individual Scores for four core criteria: mentor-mentoring plan and mentor support/funding; significance; innovation-approach and appropriateness of the project for the fellow; and local environment and presence of outside funding.

Deadline: December 3, 2019 at 5:00pm eastern.

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