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Pediatric Endocrine Society

Formerly Named in Honor of Lawson Wilkins

Mission Alliance Partnership (MAP)

How to Become a MAP member



As a PES Mission Alliance Partner, your company directly supports the goals set forth in the strategic plan of the society and allows PES to strengthen and demonstrate our priorities in the areas of :

  • education, training and workforce development
  • research
  • patient care
  • patient access
  • public advocacy

The Board of Directors and the Membership of the Pediatric Endocrine Society are pleased to present our new model for the Society’s relationship with the Health Care Industry: PES Mission Alliance Partners (MAP). We recognize that many entities that participate in the field of endocrinology and diabetes have
missions and values that are directly aligned with those of PES, and invite the opportunity for the perfect alliance to support our members and the patients for whom we provide care.

We envision the development of strategic partnerships between PES and
MAP members to accomplish our shared goals. Moreover, we foresee an
important transition from thinking about what the Society and companies
can acquire from each other to one that focuses on what we can achieve
together. As its name implies, it is our sincere hope that MAP will join
with PES to navigate the complex currents of the changing healthcare
landscape and together chart a course toward a vibrant future for
pediatric endocrinology and for the patients and families to whom we are

At the same time, this model promotes greater value for our strategic partners,
greater transparency about the relationships that the Society has with stakeholder
organizations and increased financial predictability for all. The core of this model is a fixed financial contribution to PES in support of the Society’s goals of education, training and workforce development, research, patient care, patient access, and public advocacy. This fixed contribution is paired with society wide recognition of sponsorship and the intention is for this contribution to eventually take the place of specific grant requests, providing greater MAP member value and greater financial
predictability to both PES and our partners. This model also includes a tiered MAP membership structure that allows businesses and other entities to take into consideration their own mission and alignment with goals of PES to determine the degree to which they aspire to commit to this partnership.