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Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. In addition to highly prevalent genetic dyslipidemias, many endocrinology related conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, growth hormone deficiency, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypopituitarism (to name a few) are associated with dyslipidemia. As pediatric endocrinologists, we are at the forefront of managing dyslipidemia in children. It is crucial to establish an initiative among pediatric endocrinologists on dyslipidemia management, advocating healthier lifestyles and the selective use of lipid-lowering medications.

The Lipidology Special Interest Group is a forum for interested members to collaborate and facilitate communication and to network with colleagues interested in Lipidology in pediatrics. We intend to provide support and guidance for the pediatric endocrinology community to standardize medical management, support research initiatives through the PES and in collaborations with other organizations with similar goals; provide educational resources for training patients, physicians and fellows; and advocacy for models of care delivery and appropriate reimbursement.

Lipid Meeting April 2020 Video

Goals and Objectives

Lipid SIG

  • Silva A. Arslanian-Makaroun
  • Ambika Ashraf ¹
  • Vaneeta Bamba
  • Giovanna Beauchamp
  • Nancy Beck
  • Preneet Cheema Brar
  • Stephanie Chung
  • Kristin Dayton
  • Alejandro J. De La Torre
  • Ilene Fennoy
  • Amanda Flint
  • Christy Foster
  • Mariam Gangat
  • Minu George
  • Evgenia (Jenny) Gourgari
  • Louise Greenspan
  • Erin Greenup
  • Ana Gutierrez Alvarez
  • J. Nina Ham
  • Katherine Hwu
  • Rida Javaid
  • Ishita Jindal
  • Jennifer Kelley
  • Marissa Kilberg
  • Grace Kim
  • Brenda Kohn ¹
  • Seema Kumar
  • Katherine Kutney
  • Sheela N. Magge
  • Madhusmita Misra ²
  • Madhusmita Misra ²
  • Zeina M. Nabhan
  • Nivedita Patni
  • Bianca Pinto
  • Marielisa Rincon-Subtirelu
  • Amy Sanghavi Shah
  • Jessica Schmitt
  • Mary Lauren Scott
  • Kruti Shah
  • Vibha Singhal
  • Misha Sodhi
  • Anju Sukumaran
  • Bhuvana Sunil
  • Angela Verardo
  • Heather Wadams
  • Don P. Wilson
  • Jennifer K. Yee
  • Y. Miles Yu

¹ Chair  ² BOD Liaison  ³ Advisor  4 Secretary