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Pediatric Endocrine Society

Formerly Named in Honor of Lawson Wilkins


Mission Statement: Ethical dilemmas frequently arise in the care of pediatric patients. Our mission is to identify and address ethical considerations in pediatric endocrinology. Our goals are to ensure that ethical principles are 1) considered in the development of new practice guidelines, and 2) integrated both into fellow training and into ongoing medical education after the completion of fellowship.

Goals and Objectives

Ethics SIG

  • Jill Brodsky
  • Ayanna Butler-Cephas
  • Laurie E. Cohen ²
  • Kavitha Dileepan
  • Kristin Favela
  • George Ford
  • Mary Pat Gallagher
  • Evan Graber
  • Louise Greenspan
  • Rebecca Harris ¹
  • Rohan Henry
  • Camilia Kamoun
  • Dorit Koren
  • Shilpa Mehta
  • Leena Nahata
  • Radha Nandagopal
  • Natalie Nokoff ¹
  • Krishnaswamy Rao
  • Henry Rodriguez
  • Wilma C. Rossi ³
  • Daniel Shumer

¹ Chair  ² BOD Liaison  ³ Advisor  4 Secretary