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Pediatric Endocrine Society

Formerly Named in Honor of Lawson Wilkins

Bone and Mineral

Mission Statement:

Pediatric bone and mineral disorders include a vast number of acquired and genetic conditions encompassing numerous medical/surgical disciplines and requiring multidisciplinary care. Pediatric endocrinologists play an important role in providing care for these patients. The Bone and Mineral Special Interest Group aims to increase awareness, share knowledge, promote collaborations, and provide education to enhance the understanding and management of these disorders.

Rare Bone Disease TeleECHO

PES members interested in bone and mineral disorders are invited to participate the Rare Bone Disease TeleECHO Series, hosted by the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation and the Rare Bone Disease Alliance.  This virtual Zoom videoconferencing occurs on the first Thursday of every month, from 3-4 PM EST.  Participants are encouraged to present cases at the end of session for advice and opinions from experts at this interactive educational forum.  To register and view previous sessions, visit

Goals and Objectives

Bone and Mineral SIG

  • Sara Ali
  • Laleh Ardeshirpour
  • Ambika Ashraf
  • Laura K. Bachrach
  • Priyanka Bakhtiani
  • Sasigarn A. Bowden
  • Julia R. Broussard
  • Andrew Calabria
  • Thomas O. Carpenter
  • John Ching
  • Janet Crane
  • Alicia Diaz-Thomas
  • Linda Anne DiMeglio
  • Andrea Estrada
  • Rachel I. Gafni ¹
  • Nancy Gagne
  • James Gardner
  • Luisa Gonzalez
  • Catherine M. Gordon
  • Monica Grover
  • Eric Gyuricsko
  • Erik Imel
  • Rachel Kadakia
  • Mamatha Kambalapalli
  • Jason Klein
  • Harini Kolluri
  • Sowmya Krishnan
  • Janet Lee
  • Karen Jane Loechner
  • Roger Long
  • Nina Ma
  • Edna Mancilla
  • Nadia Merchant
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Jennifer L. Miller
  • Emily Miller
  • Madhusmita Misra ²
  • Deborah Mitchell
  • Nat Nasomyont
  • Munier Nour
  • Krishnaswamy Rao
  • Danielle Reynolds
  • Marielisa Rincon-Subtirelu
  • Cemre Robinson
  • Marie-Eve Robinson
  • Anna Ryabets-Lienhard
  • Melody Shi
  • Jill H. Simmons
  • Pamela Smith
  • Joel Steelman
  • Anju Sukumaran
  • Anu Vishwanath
  • Maria G. Vogiatzi
  • Leanne Marie Ward
  • Halley Wasserman
  • David Weber

¹ Chair  ² BOD Liaison  ³ Advisor  4 Secretary